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15/01/2012 - Comments Off on Casa da Música Annual Brochure

Casa da Música Annual Brochure

Casa da Música Annual Brochure, 2011.
Edition with more than 300 pages featuring all the concerts, festivals and events. Cover with holographic foil.

client: Casa da Música

11/01/2012 - Comments Off on Piano Annual Brochure

Piano Annual Brochure

Annual brochure and Philip Glass poster for Casa da Música, 2011.

The EDP Piano Series is a year-long cycle dedicated to some of the greatest pianists of our time as well as the most interesting emerging talents. In the same way as a recital focuses on the pianist, so does this approach, which tries to achieve an organic relationship between the pianist and the lettering, while at the same time recalling the solemn and intimist feel of a piano concert. Opting for a single annual brochure comprising several tear-off flyers, one for each concert, each flyer then becomes the poster for the specific piano concert.

client: © Casa da Música