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17/01/2012 - Comments Off on Essays for Clubbing

Essays for Clubbing

Several essays for Clubbing, 2011. Some of them published.
Battles poster was made with a very nice guy João Santos.

client: Casa da Música


16/01/2012 - Comments Off on Casa da Música t-shirts

Casa da Música t-shirts

Illustrations for Casa da Música t-shirts, 2011. The t-shirts have different printing techniques. Some are screen printed while others use metallic and colour foil print or soft wash treatment. Thanks to Pedras e Pêssegos for the ladder.

client: Casa da Música

14/01/2012 - Comments Off on À Volta do Barroco

À Volta do Barroco

Poster and fold-out for the À Volta do Barroco Festival at Casa da Música, October & November 2011. The poster was screen printed in black and was painted with golden spray after. The challenge was to get people to draw and paint the posters all over the streets of Porto. We painted a few and left the others in blank. We had some nice surprises (thanks to everyone). Contributors: Rafael Oliveira, João Santos, André Cruz & unknown people.

client: Casa da Música