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14/11/2014 - Comments Off on 20 XX Vinte

20 XX Vinte

Lovers & Lollypops in collaboration with atelier Bolos Quentes, presents the premiere of 20 XX Vinte event in Lisbon, after five very successful trials. On November 22, Taberna das Almas will be taken for more than five hours to host the work of 60 different artists, with three distinct languages. 20 bands, 20 DJs and 20 designers.

12/07/2014 - Comments Off on Agora Aqui / Revolve

Agora Aqui / Revolve

Poster promoted by the record label Revolve for the Agora Aqui festival.
A small cycle of concerts in improbable historical places of the beautiful city of Guimarães.
Handmade typography with markers.
Video: Má da Fita

client: © Revolve

06/10/2013 - Comments Off on Música & Revolução

Música & Revolução

Poster for Música & Revolução festival, 2013.
Photography art direction: Sara Westermann
Photography: Pedro Lobo photography studio
Video: Canal 180

client: © Casa da Música

29/03/2013 - Comments Off on Nailor Proveta Quarteto

Nailor Proveta Quarteto

Poster and also some essays for Nailor Proveta Quarteto concert at Casa da Música, March 2013. Clarinettist, saxophonist and arranger, Nailor Proveta is the leader and founder of one of the most outstanding projects on the brazilian instrumental scene. Raul de Souza joins him, in this concert, with his fantastic energy and musical inventiveness.

client: © Casa da Música

17/01/2012 - Comments Off on Essays for Clubbing

Essays for Clubbing

Several essays for Clubbing, 2011. Some of them published.
Battles poster was made with a very nice guy João Santos.

client: Casa da Música


15/01/2012 - Comments Off on Casa da Música Annual Brochure

Casa da Música Annual Brochure

Casa da Música Annual Brochure, 2011.
Edition with more than 300 pages featuring all the concerts, festivals and events. Cover with holographic foil.

client: Casa da Música

12/01/2012 - Comments Off on Matthew Herbert

Matthew Herbert

Poster and postcards for Matthew Herbert, Optimus Clubbing, at Casa da Música, May 2011.
Writing an album about the life cycle of a select pig from birth to death and beyond? Only Matthew, but not for this concert.

client: Casa da Música

11/01/2012 - Comments Off on Piano Annual Brochure

Piano Annual Brochure

Annual brochure and Philip Glass poster for Casa da Música, 2011.

The EDP Piano Series is a year-long cycle dedicated to some of the greatest pianists of our time as well as the most interesting emerging talents. In the same way as a recital focuses on the pianist, so does this approach, which tries to achieve an organic relationship between the pianist and the lettering, while at the same time recalling the solemn and intimist feel of a piano concert. Opting for a single annual brochure comprising several tear-off flyers, one for each concert, each flyer then becomes the poster for the specific piano concert.

client: © Casa da Música

10/01/2012 - Comments Off on Nina Hagen

Nina Hagen

Poster and postcard for Nina Hagen, Optimus Clubbing, at Casa da Música, March 2011.
I really enjoyed doing this poster. Nina is eccentric, strong and full of character leaving an impenetrable mark on German contemporary music.
The moment I saw this photo, I couldn't possibly avoid using it.

client: Casa da Música

07/01/2012 - Comments Off on Arditti Quartet

Arditti Quartet

Poster for Arditti Quartet concert at Casa da Música, January 2011.
A string quartet with four smiling string players.

client: Casa da Música