Client: Casa da Música
Tags: Art direction, Graphic design, Editorial design, Identity, Poster, Packaging, Production
Year: 2007-2015

Casa da Música

Casa da Música is one of the most beautiful Concert Halls in the world. The project was set in motion in 1999, as a result of an international architecture tender won by the Rem Koolhaas-Office for Metropolitan Architecture. It was inaugurated in the spring of 2005. In 2007 Stefan Sagmeister designed the new Identity and logo, developing a system where this recognizable unique logo transforms itself like a chameleon from application to application, changing from media to media.

For 8 years I was an in-house senior graphic designer. In 2007 I also worked with Stefan Sagmeister (New York, USA) in Casa da Música’s Identity guidelines.


Design and art direction for the Piano posters series of 2015. Posters made through shapes and cuts of black photocopies of grainy texture. Some shapes remind a hand playing or a silhouette of a piano player, while others a piano keyboard and its shapes. They intend to communicate rythm, vibration and the diversity of repertoire.


Education Service Programme Book, 2013-2014
This book meets the educational activities throughout the year and it's divided in four main areas – Events, Workshops, Training and Special Series. An invitation was addressed to four illustrators, assigning each a different area. Illustrations by Catarina Sobral, Mariana Rio, Mar e o Pinheiro and Marco Oliveira.